Specialty Services

Bi-State Cremation & Funeral Service provides more just St Louis cremations. We offer a full range of services to help you handle almost any scenario.

Veteran Services

We are proud of the fact that we are knowledgeable in helping the families of our country’s veterans navigate through getting their loved ones the proper burial and benefits for veterans. We can help arrange for cremation and/or burial at a local cemetery or at Arlington National Cemetery if applicable, as well as arranging for flag and military honors wherever the veteran is buried. We can help you understand what benefits a deceased veteran has access to.

Shipping of Human Remains

Shipping of Human Remains Within the United States
We are well experienced in shipping human remains within the continental United States. We offer these services for some of the most economical rates in the area. Whether it’s helping a deceased get home to a burial plot or to the national cemetery, we can help set up everything you need to transport the deceased outside the St Louis area.

Shipping of Human Remains Outside the United States
In cases where the deceased wants to be buried in another country, just like in cases where a deceased person wishes to be buried outside the local area, we can assist with all the paperwork and preparation for transportation including helping with flight arrangements.

LGBTQ Funeral and Cremation Services

We offer compassion, understanding and above all the same level of care and services to deceased members of the LGBTQ community. We can accommodate any special needs there might be and what is needed to finalize cremation and/or funeral services for a deceased person who identifies with the LGBTQ community and for their family and friends.

Anatomical Donations

In order to donate your body to science, you will need to have setup the anatomical donation before death. We charge $595 to process anatomical donations.

Once a deceased person has chosen to donate their body to science, there are a few steps necessary to complete the process. First, we need to collect information from the family as soon as possible to complete the death certificate. Usually we can do this at the same time as we pick up the body of the deceased. We submit the death certificate to the state as quickly as possible. A drafted copy of the death certificate is required for a medical school to accept a deceased’s body.

Following the death certificate submission, we take the deceased’s body to the medical school where it is being donated as soon as possible so the school can prepare it to ensure preservation for study. If someone passes away from certain infections, they may not be eligible for donation. Medical schools also have weight restrictions for anatomical donation. We can help you communicate with the medical school receiving the anatomical donation to ensure it can receive the body, and we can work with you to come up with a plan if the school does not accept the body.

Personalized Service and Questions
Please call us 24/7/365 at (314) 831-8868 for assistance with any of these services.

St. Louis Body Donations

Our purpose is to help individuals get as much information about body donation as possible. We feel you your anatomical gift is one of the most needed and selfless deeds one could leave the world. Each anatomical gift will help shape the minds of many medical students that will in the future heal and possibly cure sickness and diseases.

St. Louis Body Donation takes pride providing families with the latest information about body donation, as well as pointing you in the right direction to provide you or your loved one with a $595.00 transportation for body donation to the medical school of choice in St. Louis. We can also assist with transportation with transportation to other medical schools in Missouri, size distance charges may apply.

Please contact St. Louis Body Donations if you need information to help you pre-plan your body donation.

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