St Louis Pre-Arranged Funeral Planning & Life Insurance Coverage

End of life planning is not a welcome topic of conversation. It is, however, a necessary one. You can rely on Bi-State Cremation & Funeral Service to guide you through this important process. Whether you wish to make plans for your own peace of mind or for your loved ones, there are real benefits to pre-need funeral planning.

With pre-arranged funeral planning, you can:

Make your final wishes known.

If you have preferences for cremation or burial, headstone epitaph, or ceremony choices such as music and readings, you can express them through your pre-need funeral plan. You may not want a large commemoration at all. Pre-planning these items guarantees your preferences are recognized.

Save your family from undue stress.

The death of a loved one is difficult enough without having to plan a funeral. Pre-planning avoids confusion as to what they believe you’d want and can prevent disagreement among family and friends about what plans are best. You are providing your family and friends one final gift that they can focus on celebrating the life lost and not on choosing arrangements.

Maintain your self-reliance.

You’ve always taken care of your own affairs, and that can include your funeral arrangements. Your loved ones will appreciate that you planned ahead to ease their burden. You are also setting a stunning example that independence is cherished to the very end.

Provide financial control of your plans.

Planning ahead allows you to make financial arrangements to cover your funeral costs, whether you paid up front or when services are needed. Even if you feel you are leaving behind sufficient assets, there might be a chance your loved ones cannot access it in sufficient time. Consider insurance and other arrangements ahead of time. Funeral costs tend to rise every year, so paying for your service now can save your loved ones money down the road.


Once you understand the advantages of pre-planning, the next step is to call the caring and professional staff at Bi-State Cremation & Funeral Services.

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We offer greater St Louis residents pre-planned funeral options, as well as life insurance coverage.

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