What to expect from your cremation service in St Louis

What to expect from your cremation service in St Louis, MO


As the cremation rate in the U.S. rises, so has the number of cremation services in showing up in cities all around the country. Well St Louis is no different. Some cremation services are smaller stand-alone companies that offer cremation services or other funeral services at a slightly discounted rate, because of the lower overhead. Some cremation services are sponsored by a larger funeral home or corporate owned funeral home that may open a separate department to offer discounted service to any family that calls that division. My years in the funeral business has shown me that many families looking for a simple cremation prefer a smaller cremation service to provide services. Many people over the years have stated that they found these places to be less intimidating.


Many cremation services in Missouri will allow you to pre arrange your cremation and funeral service. These services can be paid monthly or paid all at once. The state of Missouri also charge a twenty five dollar state filling fee for every pre-arranged plan that is sold in the entire state of Missouri.


If you have experienced a loss upon calling the the cremation service of you choice, they will ask for the name of your departed loved one as well as the place of death. We will also need the name of the blood next of kin. Unless prior arrangements such as power of attorney paperwork giving someone besides the blood next of kin the authorization to choose what happens to the remains the next of kin has to authorize cremation. The reason for this is cremation is final, and we have to make sure we have the correct signatures to proceed with the cremation service, because this service is irreversible.


At Bi-State Cremation & Funeral Service our cremation charge for families in the St Louis, Missouri area is $795.00. This service includes the cremation service, one death certificate, arrangements with the family as well as plastic urn to hold the cremains. Our one day funeral service followed by cremation is $2,895.00. The charge for a memorial service is 1,595.00. Any of these charges can vary due to distance and weight charges.  If we can assist you with any cremation needs please call us at 314-831-8868.

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