What is a memorial service?

What is a memorial service?

  A memorial service is simply a service to celebrate the life of one that has passed away. A memorial service can be held with or without the loved ones cremated remains present. When I describe a memorial service to our families at our cremation service in St Louis, Missouri I let them know you can do everything you may do at a traditional funeral to celebrate the passing of your loved one. The only difference is the person isn’t there in a casket possibly an urn if the family desires. Some families have used our cremation plaque keepsake urn as a feature item at the memorial service.

All St Louis cremation services and funeral homes offer some sort of memorial service. Here at Bi-State Cremation we offer an all-inclusive $1,595.00 memorial service package, with no hidden fees that include everything needed for the service. Our memorial service package includes direct cremation, complete memorial service setup at your desired location, with qualified Bi-State Cremation service staff to oversee your services. This service also includes one hundred prayer cards or obituaries. A guest book as well as a floral arrangement is included. We also included one death certificate.

There are many reasons many families choose a memorial service over a funeral. In most cases a memorial service can be more cost effective. Over the years I have heard people say it is easier to cope having a service to celebrate the life of the dearly departed, but not having to see them in a casket. I will have to say I feel the biggest reason is personal preference the cremation rate in St Louis and the entire country is up. Some people want to have a simple cremation as well as a service to commemorate the life that was lived.

One of the most important things to remember when planning a memorial service if you plan to have the cremated remains present, is to wait until you actually meet with your funeral director in St Louis before you start setting dates for your memorial service. In order to have someone cremated all of the proper paperwork has to be completed before the process can take place.


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Hope this information was helpful,

Larry. T. Byndon

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