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Emerging Trends in Funeral Practices

Funeral traditions evolve over time as consumer priorities change. These priorities now include saving money, personalizing the funeral experience, and integrating technology. While time honored traditions remain the standard, the funeral industry is adapting to provide unique and affordable services to its customers.

Cremation Gaining Popularity

Today, more than half of individuals and their families in the United States opt for cremation rather than standard burial. This number is expected to grow another ten percent in the next decade. The logistics of a cremation are simpler than a burial, yet the primary advantage of choosing cremation is price. Costs are generally around one-third of a traditional funeral, and many options are available. The least expensive is direct cremation without viewing. A family might also opt for direct cremation with a private viewing or even cremation with a memorial service. Services following creation are not constrained by time or location and can be held when most appropriate for the family’s circumstances.

Personalizing the Experience

Personalization of the funeral service is not a new concept, but more consumers are making certain the unique and wonderful traits of their deceased loved ones take center stage. One idea is to create a memory table. More than just photographs on a board, a memory table can hold key items such as a favorite book or clothing accessory. The simple act of selecting items and arranging a memory table can be cathartic for a grieving family as well. Personalization may also include choosing funeral flowers that are the favorite bloom or color of the loved one. Many families are foregoing the traditional funeral card and providing guests memory cards with an unconventional photo and fun facts about the departed. These trends allow a loved one to go out in a style all their own.

The Role of Technology

St Louis funeral homes in the 21st century embrace technology from the planning stage to implementation, and it goes beyond making arrangements virtually and accepting online payments. Technology can be used to make the visitation and memorial process more intimate and accessible. Especially during this time of social distancing, the practice of livestreaming a service allows distant loved ones to participate. At the service, a personalized Pandora or Spotify playlist is a beautiful way to honor someone who has passed. Another way technology can enhance the memorial process is a social media memorial website. Essentially, a social memorial is an online obituary, photo album, guest book or Facebook dedication to the departed. It is an inexpensive and empowering way for friends and family to pay tribute to their loved one.

When it is time to make important decisions about the passing of a loved one or if you are considering advanced arrangements, the professionals at Bi-State Cremation and Funeral Service will guide you through the process with compassion. We offer affordable and personalized options to honor your loved one. Let us answer your questions and provide information so you can make a decision that is just right for you and your family.

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