Showing Sympathy During the Time of Social Distancing

When someone you know has experienced the loss of a loved one, it is only natural to want to reach out and help.

The recent and ongoing COVID pandemic has changed the way we grieve in St Louis and around the world. Unprecedented measures that restrict or limit in person gathering such as funerals, burials and wakes mean that mourners must change the way loved ones are remembered, and friends and family must adapt the ways they show support. Here are some ways to show sympathy when social distancing is necessary.Showing Sympathy During the Time of Social Distancing

Offer condolence through technology. Physical presence may not be an option, so remaining available through technology is the next best thing. Make a phone call. Send a text or email. Send a message on social media. Make video call. These are effective and useful tools to advance the grieving process when we are isolated from others. It does not take the place of a hug, but it is an appropriate way to show support with safety in mind.

Send a personal note or sympathy card through the mail. Following the death of a loved one, we can feel alone even when there are those around us. Reaching out with words provides a reminder that we are not really isolated. Many people will read sympathy cards again for years to come, and your sincere and heartfelt words will do more good than you know.

Provide a meal. Even before the pandemic, bereavement meals have been a common way to pay tribute and ease the burden following the loss of someone. It is the most basic of needs that sometimes go unmet during the mourning period. Family suffering the loss of a loved one often have difficulty performing everyday tasks. Nourishment is a blessing to those in mourning. If you don’t cook, you can send a sympathy basket or give a gift certificate for food delivery instead.

Send a plant, or plant a tree. Forgo the traditional funeral flowers and send an uplifting bouquet to your grieving friends and family. You can also give a plant that has special meaning to you. There are also several organizations that will plant a tree in memory of a loved one. The United States Forest Service plants trees in our national parks and protected forestland across the country. The Arbor Day Foundation offers a similar service.

Donate to charity. There are countless worthy organizations that can use a donation you make in a friend or relative’s memory. An obituary may specify where the family requests memorial donations to be made. If not, consider a donation to a cause you know the deceased supported. Many charities will send a card to the family notifying that a donation was made in the name of their loved one. Donations of funds or items show support by showing the legacy of the deceased is still one of love.

Nothing replaces personal interaction when expressing condolences. These options are safe and appropriate for showing support for family members, friends and colleagues during their time of need. As time passes, continue to reach out and offer your friendship. Let the person know you are still thinking of them and caring for them in their grief. Bi-State Cremation and Funeral Services takes pride in the respect, dignity, and affordability of our St Louis funeral home services in our community. From the first time you contact our incredible staff, you will know you are in good hands. Let us answer your questions and provide the support you need during this difficult time. Call 314-831-8868.

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