Prepaid Cremation Plans and burial insurance policies for St. Louis

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What is a prepaid cremation plan?

A pre-paid cremation plan is the act of taking care of details of your cremation before death. These plans can also be taken out on another person wishing to pre-arrange services. A pre-paid burial plan allows individuals to plan all aspects of their cremation service. As well as the opportunity to pay for services. Payment can be paid in full at the  time of arrangements or monthly payments can be made three or five year payment options. Once you take out a pre-arranged cremation plan the price of the services is locked in for life.

What is the cost of prepaid cremation in St. Louis?

  The cost of cremation in St. Louis can range from thousands of dollars to a few hundred dollars. The cost of direct cremation in St. Louis can be offered as low as 795.00 at Bi-State Cremation.We are an affordably priced experienced cremation service in the St. Louis area. Bi-State Cremation has many affordable cremation options to choose. We offer simple direct cremation services to full funeral services followed by cremation. The state of Missouri requires a $25.00 state filling fee for every contract written.

Final Expense Burial Insurance Vs. Prepaid Cremation Plans

  Final expense burial plans are simply just small whole life policies that that are not connected to any funeral home. A pre-arranged plan in St. Louis, Missouri has to meet stringent guidelines and have special license to provide prepaid cremation services in St. Louis. Only pre-need cremation plans with a cremation service or funeral home can lock in the price of your selection. Final expense burial insurance is life insurance and can not guarantee prices. Prearranged cremation plans meet all requirements Medicaid spend downs. For those people that are applying for Medicaid  you can only have around $2,000.00 in assets. Paying for your cremation and funeral is an acceptable expense. Final expense policies must be cashed in because they are not true prearranged cremation or funeral plans.

Why choose a prepaid cremation plan from Bi-State Cremation for your St. Louis Cremation needs.

  Here at Bi-State Cremation we offer an insurance based pre-need product. These products can only be sold by a licensed insurance agent. There are advantages to providing an insurance based product. First of all we can cover anyone no matter the health condition. We also offer some very flexible payment options. You can pay for your service at one time. The advantage of doing this is it will allow you to save some money in the long run, due to the fact it is an insurance based burial plan you will pay a little more because you will have some coverage from the beginning. If you select a three year payment plan from the time you make your first payment 50% of your service will be covered from day one, and from the second year until it is paid in full one hundred percent of the service is covered. If you choose a five year option from the first payment 35% of your service is covered, on the second year 70% of your service is covered. In the 3rd year you are covered 100% until it is paid in full. You can pay your policy off at anytime. We can also offer some kind of coverage to all ages. Bi-State Cremation is the superior choice when prearranging a cremation service in St. Louis.

How do I preplan cremation in St. Louis.

The first thing you need to do is select a St. Louis cremation service or funeral home that you feel comfortable with. Secondly make an appointment to meet with Missouri licensed preened agent to arrange your pre-arranged plan. Next thing you need to do is select your cremation plan, urn, or service. You can then fill out your cremation authorization if desired, this really comes in handy when there is no clear next of kin and there is no clear cut next of kin. You last step is to pay for your preplanned St. Louis  cremation service.

Is a pre-arranged Cremation plan a good idea?

A pre-paid cremation allows you to take control of your wishes. You can sign your own cremation and paperwork taking the burden off planning your service making sure they met all of your wishes. You can really help your family by making sure they don’t have to worry about the financial burden, because you would have already paid the price.

What do I need to know about preplanning a St. Louis Cremation Service?

    What happens if I die out of state and have a pre-arranged plan? The money can be sent to a funeral home in that area. The price may not be locked in but the money can go towards the out of town services. All of the prearranged cremation plans at Bi-State Cremation are insurance based pre-need plans that are written with CFL Pre-Need. You can ease the mind of your family by preplanning your cremation  service today. Call us anytime to prearrange your cremation service. We will be happy to assist you.  Just give Larry Byndon your local  licensed pre-need agent and funeral director  a call today at 314-831-8868 or start here. Online arrangements.


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