Pre-Arranged Cremation Planning and Pre-Need Funeral Arrangements Near St. Louis

Pre-arranged funeral planning is a way people can assist their surviving family members in coping with the death. Pre-arranged funeral plans can ease cremation and funeral arrangement process because all funeral plans and merchandise choices such as the choice of a casket or urns can be made ahead before death. Pre-Planning your funeral service is a way to make sure your wishes are noted and honored.

When you pre-plan your funeral service with Bi-State Cremation and Funeral Service you can do so before the death when emotions are not running as high, which can stop emotional spending. Some may feel I have life insurance, why do I need a burial plan. Life insurance is just what it is, life insurance. Life insurance is in place for the most part to assist families with taking care of bills and helping your family maintain their lifestyle if something was to happen to you. Your pre-arranged funeral plan is in place to make sure your funeral or cremation is secured. One of the main advantages of pre-planning your services with us is the price of your services today will always be locked in. Be careful there are many companies that sale final expense policies that are not pre-arranged burial plans these plans do not lock in the price of your funeral or cremation service. These are simply whole life insurance policies. A real pre-arranged funeral plan in Missouri and most states must be sponsored by a funeral home licensed to sale pre-arranged funeral plans like Bi-State Cremation and Funeral Service. Pre-need burial plans in St. Louis and surrounding areas must be sold by licensed Pre-need agents.

For families and nursing homes looking to help a person qualify or maintain Medicaid status a pre-need burial plan is an excellent purchase for a Medicaid spend down. Here at Bi-State Cremation we have helped many families pre-plan funeral services to qualify for Medicaid. People that receive Medicaid service are allowed to have $2,000.00 in spendable assets. Any funds that exceed this amount must be spent on the recipient for items that qualify for a Medicaid spend down. If these items are not spent on the loved one, the money must be returned to Medicaid. When a person is trying to qualify for Medicaid any Life Insurance or final expense insurance policies must be cash surrendered, or the funeral home must be named beneficiary. All cash value for the policy must be surrendered. Pre-arranged funeral plans have no cash value due to the fact they have an irrevocable waiver that means rights to a cash value is surrendered.

 In Missouri there are a few different ways you can Pre-Arrange your funeral with a funeral home. First way the customer and the funeral home can open a joint bank account. Secondly the client can use an insurance policy fund the pre-arranged burial plan. In Missouri a pre-arranged plan can also be funded through a trust. Finally, a pre-arranged burial policy can be funded by an insurance policy. Of all the above listed methods for funding a pre-need burial plan my experience has taught me that the insurance funded pre-need plan are the best plans. When the consumer dies an insurance funded, pre-need the agent must be a licensed insurance agent. The agent must also posses a pre-need agent license. Finally the selling agent  must be connected with a funeral home.

 A lot of families wonder what kind of services can I pre-plan. Any funeral service can be preplanned including merchandise such as caskets, urns, and burial vaults. Items such as death certificates, flowers and cemetery charges are cash advance charges, which means they are items purchased outside of the funeral home. These items are not price controlled by the funeral home so theses prices can not be guaranteed. We can assist with pre-planning a direct cremation service or memorial service. We also assist families with the pre planning anatomical donations.

 The pre-arranged plan offered at Bi-State Cremation is a policy that can cover anyone with any health condition. These policies can be paid in full or can be paid monthly. Our Pre-arranged plans are very flexible. You can pay as you go with an annuity policy. You can pay over three or five years if you have no pre-existing health conditions you will have day one 100% coverage from the time you take out the policy. If you have a pre-existing condition, you can choose a five year payment policy from the time you take this policy out you in the first year 35% of your service is guaranteed the second year 70% of your service is guaranteed, in the third year of having the policy 100% of your service is guaranteed until all payments are guaranteed until the final payment. If you choose a three-year payment plan from the time you take out the policy 50% of the service is guaranteed in the third year 100% of the policy is guaranteed.

To pre-plan a cremation or funeral  service in the Gateway Metro East area many people may go  online and search pre-need funeral near St. Louis or pre arranged cremation near St. Louis. When pre-planning a funeral or cremation in St. Louis make sure you deal with a funeral home with licensed pre-need agent on staff.

If you need to pre-plan your cremation, anatomical donation or funeral service do not hesitate to contact me Larry T. Byndon licensed insurance agent, pre-need agent, funeral director MO & IL. I can be reached at 314-831-8868 or


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