Affordable St Louis Cremations

When you consider cremation versus a traditional funeral in St Louis, the cost difference is clear: an affordable St Louis cremation costs less. Our cremation package costs start at just $795.00 while funeral packages are several times more expensive. We offer flexibility with optional add-ons for a cremation and services offered through our funeral home […]

Affordable St. Charles Cremation Service

Bi-State Cremation & Funeral Service offers very affordable cremation services in the St Louis area, including in St. Charles. Our affordable St. Charles cremation services offer both the possibility of a wider range of memorialization options and the lower cost associated with not needing an in-ground burial. Not only are cremations more affordable than burials, […]

What is a memorial service?

What is a memorial service? St Louis Memorial Service

What is a memorial service?   A memorial service is simply a service to celebrate the life of one that has passed away. A memorial service can be held with or without the loved ones cremated remains present. When I describe a memorial service to our families at our cremation service in St Louis, Missouri […]

I have lost my child, what do I need to do, what do I do next.

I have lost my child, what do I need to do, what do I do next.   The hardest thing a person may have to deal with is the loss of a child. If a person loses a spouse, they become a widow or widower. If a child loses a parent, he or she becomes […]

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