Funeral Service Followed by Cremation in St. Louis, MO part 2

As the cremation rate rises in St. Louis area many families are opting to have a visitation and funeral service followed by a cremation service. At Bi-State Cremation we have very affordable funeral service prices. In many cases we can offer our funeral service followed by cremation for $2,895.00.

How this service works. If you are in need of a St. Louis funeral home to help plan these service for your loved one call Bi-State Cremation & Funeral Service at 314-831-8868. We will then take some pertinant information about your deceased loved one.We will then help you select an urn if desired. We will then finalize the funeral bill.  Next we will go to retrieve the remains of your loved one from the place of passing. Next step is to meet to make funeral arrangements to plan the date time and location if the funeral service, as well as the other important particulars of the funeral service. You will then be asked to provide Information for your prayer card or obituary. You will be asked to provide clothing for the service as well as letting us know of any hairstyle or makeup instructions. For these service we provide a rental casket these caskets are made of wood and interior can be removed. On occasion if the person is a little hevier a larger casket may be required.

On the day of the funeral service our St. Louis funeral home will set your loved one up in the church or desired location. We will make sure all floral arrangements are properly set up, as well as the guest book is set up. We will then help guide visitors during the visitation. Once the visitation is over we will then with the help of the clergy start the funeral service. After the funeral is finished we will then take your loved one for cremation.  After cremation the family will be notified to pick up your loved one.

To plan a funeral followed by cremation or a traditional funeral followed by burial call us at 314-831-8868. 0r click


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