Cremation & Burial Assistance in St Louis.

Cremation & Burial Assistance in St Louis.

The death of a loved one can sometimes catch families unprepared. There are not many but a few recourses that St Louis families can take advantage of to assist with the cost of funeral and cremation services in St Louis.

First of all, if there is a need the family can contact Catholic charities in St Louis, Missouri. Another recourse families in St Louis seeking funeral & cremation service assistance is the St. Vincent de Paul, they will help in many cases with burial or cremation service assistance. If the person that passed away was baptized catholic in many cases that you can contact the closest parish to where the deceased lived. A priest can request a grave at no charge for anyone baptized in the catholic faith, if there is a need.

People in search of cremation and burial assistance in St Louis, Missouri. Can also contact the salvation army. The Salvation Army sometimes assist families with emergency funds to assist with funeral and cremation services in St Louis. In some cases we may be able to assist families in the St. Louis with cremation assistance, offering cremation at a greatly reduced price. Some qualifications have to be met for this service.

If the deceased has unfortunately passed away as the victim of a violent crime the Missouri Crime Victims Compensation Program will assist the family with up to $5,000.00 dollars. This is a reimbursement program funds are not guaranteed, there are many factors that determine if the person qualifies for theses benefits.

If your loved one has passed away from an HIV Aids related illness you may be able to contact a social worker at St Louis Effort for Aids   for financial assistance. They would be able to help you with burial, funeral, and or cremation assistance in St Louis Missouri.

Many larger companies have emergency funds to help employees that have an emergency need, you would check with your HR department. Some fraternity and sorority I have seen assist families with there St Louis funeral home or St Louis cremation services. Through the years I have also seen many churches help with cremation and funeral charges of church members or families of church members.

To raise money for cremation and funeral services in St Louis many families have had benefit programs, car washes, as well as cookouts to raise money.

Bi-State Cremation is a St Louis cremation service as well as a St Louis funeral home that offers low cost funeral and cremation services in St Louis, we are dedicated to serving everyone with a high-quality affordable cremation or funeral service for families in the St Louis area. Our affordable St Louis cremation service starts at $795.00. Affordable funeral services start at $2,695.00. If we can be of any assistance don’t hesitate to call us at 314-831-8868 or leave us a message on our contact page.


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