Benefits of Choosing a Local St Louis Funeral Home

When you choose a funeral home that is locally owned and operated, you and your loved ones can benefit greatly.

You don’t have to worry about what corporate policies there might be in place and you know you’re always reaching someone who is in town, among other advantages.

One great thing about talking to someone locally is that person thoroughly understands the community, the local conditions, and even details such as what the local weather can be like when planning dates. You don’t have to worry that the person you are talking to has been brought in from somewhere far outside the area as a type of rotation by a corporate owner, and you can be sure the answer you receive from the owner of a funeral home owned by someone in the St Louis area is the fastest, final answer. A corporate-owned funeral home may be slower to respond to special requests or questions if everything has to be routed through a corporate office.

Benefits of a local funeral home

Customer support for a locally-owned funeral home is local. When you speak to our staff at Bi-State Cremation and Funeral Home in Missouri, you can be sure we are here, in town, and fully knowledgeable about what the conditions are in the local community, from the weather to the coronavirus pandemic. You don’t get transferred or put on hold while we contact someone for more information about our policies, the weather, or any other factors that affect the speed at which we address your questions and burial or cremation needs. And you aren’t put in a queue as others call in with questions for funeral homes outside your area. Your questions are answered quickly and confidently by Bi-State Cremation and Funeral Home’s director-owner.

Choosing a locally-owned St Louis funeral home gives you a more personal, intimate experience than if you go with a funeral home that belongs to a larger chain or a corporate chain. You are met with a high level of professionalism because the funeral home director-owner is entirely vested in each and every client that comes to the funeral home for help with putting a loved one to rest – or for arranging their own funeral or cremation services.

If you have any questions at all, please feel free to call us, 24/7, at (314) 831-8868.

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