Affordable St Louis Cremations

When you consider cremation versus a traditional funeral in St Louis, the cost difference is clear: an affordable St Louis cremation costs less.

Our cremation package costs start at just $795.00 while funeral packages are several times more expensive. We offer flexibility with optional add-ons for a cremation and services offered through our funeral home are available on our funeral pricing page. One of the main factors in the difference in cost between funerals and cremation cremations is that funerals require the purchase of a casket for the deceased’s body. Add to that embalming services and cremation may becomes an even more affordable option.

Affordable cremation services in St Louis

These costs come before the cost of a burial plot. Burial plots vary widely in cost. Some choose to buy a burial plot in advance of their death. For those who do not already have a burial plot, if the deceased is to be buried, the deceased’s family needs to find an available burial plot in a cemetery and pay for the burial plot. This needs to be done fairly quickly, since funerals and subsequent burials typically happen within a week of death.

The truth of the matter is that cremated remains take a layer of complexity out of the funeral process: cremated remains do not require as much space in the ground to be buried if an in-ground burial is desired, and they can be scattered or kept instead, if the deceased and/or the deceased’s family decides. In-ground burials can be expensive, so the less space required for a burial, the less cost associated with it, and if a burial is avoided altogether, the burial cost also can be avoided.

With cremated remains, a memorial service can be held at any time at any location available to those wishing to memorialize a deceased person. For a funeral, the service has to take place in a funeral home or church within a shorter time-frame following a death. Transportation costs also can play a factor in the cost of a cremation versus a burial. Additional fees for transportation needs more than 50 miles outside St Louis are also a consideration. With an affordable St Louis cremation, anyone can transport the deceased’s ashes to any location by way of personal transportation instead of needing the transportation services of a funeral home.

While the decision between a traditional funeral and a cremation is deeply personal, it does warrant understanding the cost differences between the two options before coming to a final conclusion. As always, please call us with any questions at all about the costs of different aspects of a funeral or cremation.

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