Pre-Arranged Cremation Planning and Pre-Need Funeral Arrangements Near St. Louis

Pre-Arranged Cremation Planning and Pre-Need Funeral Arrangements Near St. Louis Pre-Planned cremation

  Pre-arranged funeral planning is a way people can assist their surviving family members in coping with the death. Pre-arranged funeral plans can ease cremation and funeral arrangement process because all funeral plans and merchandise choices such as the choice of a casket or urns can be made ahead before death. Pre-Planning your funeral service […]

$920.00 Affordable Illinois Cremation service.

$920.00 Affordable Illinois Cremation service. Il eat

$920.00 Affordable Illinois  Cremation Service  $920.00 Direct Cremation Southern Illinois Area. Pre-Arranged Cremation palns as well as at need services available for the plans Gateway Metro East Illinois Area. 24-hour phone number 314-831-8868 Who is B-State Cremation? What is the cost of cremation in Illinois?   Bi-State Cremation & Funeral Service is a funeral home […]

Cremation procedure and process

Cremation procedure and process Cremation urns

The history of cremation goes back for centuries. For example many ancient civilizations used funeral pyres to cremate the remains of a departed loved one. A funeral pyre is a wood structure that is set on fire, once the combustion has started the deceased person is placed on top or inside of the flaming structure. […]

Direct Cremation in St. Louis $795.00

Direct Cremation in St. Louis $795.00

Direct cremation in the St. Louis and surrounding area consists of picking your deceased loved one up from the place of passing. The next step is meeting with the legal next of kin to fill out the necessary paperwork to complete arrangements. After this process is done we will then contact the doctor or medical […]

Death Certificates in Missouri

How Long is the Wait and Who Needs a Copy Paperwork is the last thing on your mind following the death of a loved one. It is important, however, that you take the necessary steps to obtain information needed for a death certificate. This is one of the most important tasks you will complete on […]

What Does a Funeral Director Do?

The death of a loved one is among the most difficult experiences we will ever face. During this time, you’ll want someone to guide you through the final arrangements and answer any questions you may have. A professional funeral director can help you organize a ceremony, complete necessary paperwork and more. The role of the […]

Obituaries in St Louis Newspapers

Obituaries in St Louis Newspapers Obituaries in St Louis Newspapers

Readership for print newspapers has declined as fast as interest in digital news has skyrocketed. There are holdouts, however, that prefer the sound of rustling paper and look forward to the daily edition of the local newspaper. The average age of print newspaper readers is 57.9 years, and those older adults often turn the page […]

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