Jill Ann Briesacher

Jill Ann Briesacher    August 23, 1959    December 25, 2020

Ms. Jill A. Briesacher of St Louis, Missouri passed away Friday December 25, 2020 leaving her loving family and friends to forever cherish her memory.



  • I am just learning of Jill’s passing in December. Jill was my co-worker at Catholic Services for Children and you. She was a good person.
    Say hi to my Dad Jill…..he always liked you as I know you respected him too! Spread your wings…no more pain. Love.

  • Jill was one of my heart partners. We worked together at Catholic Family Services and had our ups and downs but we were kindred spirits and we loved each other.
    Jill was very giving, selfless and generous, and I never met anyone who loved animals as much as she did. She had a kind and gentle heart and I am so very sad to hear of her passing. I miss her so much. Rest in peace, my dear friend.

  • Jill was my cousin, the daughter of my Dad’s favorite brother, Louie.
    Jill and I became very close the last few years, during which she helped me immensely when Dad had a stroke : she sat with him in the hospital every morning as I made the drive to St. L from Columbia, for almost 3 weeks. She loved Dad, and they spent hours talking about politics on the phone.
    I have never met a person with a kinder heart, and she deserved much more out of life than what life dealt her. She eternally mourned the losses of her Dad, her brother Brady, her sister Debbie, and her beloved son Jeremy. I hope they are all together, as she believed they would be, and that my Dad is there with them now. Love you, Jill!

  • Jill was my 2nd mother, I was her “adopted” daughter.. We met while working at Sam’s Club together. We spent many times outside of work together as well as at work. I called her Mom and she called me the daughter she never had… OMG its been almost a year since she’s passed and Its just starting to hit me… her sister and I picked her up from hospital after her breast surgery from cancer. Thats how close we were! I never in a millions years thought I’d lose her so soon. She was doing great.. going to FL and we had plans to go this summer.. Gosh, Jill… why?! I know your up there with Jeremy, but you still had me and Jesse down here… I am at a loss for words.. I knew something was wrong when I reached out to her and she didn’t message me back, days before she passed away.. I should have just went over there!! Jill you will ALWAYS BE MY MOMMA!! I WILL ALWAYS LOVE U AND MISS YOU!!!


    • Hi Jaime,
      I’m Jill’s cousin and live in Columbia, MO. I don’t know if you heard Jesse died on July 4, 2021. I haven’t heard of a memorial yet and I think Tammy Neiter will let me know when. I loved her very much, she was there for me through so much.
      My email is meadowvole@gmail.com.


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