Specialty Services

Veteran Services:

Bi-State Cremation is well versed in assisting families with the burial and veteran benefits. We can help arrange cremation and burial at the national cemetery, as well as arranging for the flag and military honors.

Shipping of human remains within the united states:

We are well experienced in shipping human remains within the continental United States. We offer these services for some of the most economical rates in the area.

International shipping of Human remains:

We understand that the United States is a melting pot of immigrants, and sometimes people just want to go home for burial. We can assist with all the paperwork and preparation for shipping. We also assist with flight arrangements.

LGBTQ Services:

Bi-State Cremation understand in today’s world that people have certain needs and we are here to help accommodate the special needs of this community and what is needed to finalize cremation and funeral service for families in need of services.

If we can assist with any of these services, feel free to call us at 314-831-8868.

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