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Selecting a St Louis funeral home for a funeral or cremation is not a decision to be taken lightly. You either want to set up arrangements for your own funeral or cremation or you want to honor a loved one who passed in the best way possible, and you want the right funeral home or cremation service provider to do it.

Some of the things to consider when planning a funeral or cremation are:

  • Does the deceased want a funeral, cremation, or both?
  • Does the deceased want a viewing?
  • Is the deceased a veteran of the armed forces?
  • If the deceased wants to be buried in another country, can a funeral home help you with arrangements to get your loved one to that country?
  • Does the deceased want their body donated to science?

In searching for a funeral home in the St Louis area, keep in mind you are not restricted to the closest funeral home. You can decide to call a funeral home several miles away, and most funeral homes have a radius inside which they will travel to pick up your loved one. A good funeral home also will work with another funeral home outside the area if your loved one passes away far from home but wants to be returned to a St Louis funeral home for a service or cremation.

You should only have to pay for the services you want, and federal law stipulates that funeral directors must provide a written general price list of items and services offered. They must also give prices out over the phone if you call instead of visiting in person. This means you can make comparisons between funeral homes and cremation service providers before you select one. All the information should be provided to you in a straightforward manner so that you can make a quick decision. There should be no hidden fees or fine print.

A good funeral home or an affordable St Louis cremation service should assist you with all your funeral and cremation needs and provide you with straightforward information, whether you are planning your own funeral or someone else’s. Bi-State Cremation & Funeral Service can work with you for all your funeral and cremation needs. Call us 24/7 at (314) 831-8868 or come by our St Louis funeral home in person at 3387 N. Hwy 67 in Florissant, Missouri.

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